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Thank you for your interest in our puppies. We are proud preservation breeders which means we protect, promote, and preserve the high standards set forth by the French Bulldog Club of America and the AKC breed standard. We are members in good standing with the FBDCA and regularly participate in AKC shows and educational breeder seminars. On this page you will find a ton of information about our breeding program (which adheres strictly to the AKC standard), how often we breed, what to stay away from, how we care for our babies, how to find a quality Frenchies, average prices etc. For starters, we only have 1-2 litters annually that are very carefully thought out and planned in advance. We mainly breed for ourselves and for our AKC show colleagues in order to better the breed and present the best specimens that meet or exceed the breed standard. We occasionally sell the ones that are not selected as show prospects to carefully screened pet homes on a mandatory spay/neuter contract. If you’d like to be considered for one of our puppies we are happy to help you find what you are looking for (just a heads up…getting a quality Frenchie pup takes patience). If we do not have what you are wanting within your time frame, I have provided information throughout this website to help you make a good decision on how/where to select a quality bred & healthy Frenchie pup.
Untitled-9Due to the nature of how Frenchies are bred (by artificial insemination from a reproductive specialist and then a c-section for delivery), the cost of a Frenchie or an English Bulldog is a lot higher than other puppies that are bred and whelped naturally. The average price from reputable breeders is currently $4,000-$5,000 that are nice quality, but I’d stay away from any breeder that charges a lot less…..this is an indication that they are not breeding correctly, according to standard, and have not done the genetic and health testing that is required, or have skimped on vet visits etc. On the flip side, I’d also stay away from price gougers that charge over $5,000-$10,000+, or breeders charging for “rare” colors. Rare colors are not “rare”, they are disqualifications within the breed standard which is why they are not prevalent. People producing these “rare” colors (blue, chocolate, black & tan, merle, solid black, solid white, blue eyes etc.), are breeding inferior diluted-recessive genetics and the dogs will have a lot of health problems, genetic problems, skin & allergy problems and typically also have sight and hearing problems either from birth or that develop later on in their life prematurely. There is a reason that the AKC will not allow these dogs to represent the French Bulldog breed, so beware of those breeders as well.

Also beware of breeders who will “Ship” their puppies. Brachycephalic breeds (short nose/flat face) should NEVER be shipped. They cannot control their temperature like other breeds and should avoid extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures/climates. We require all of our new puppy families to pick up their puppy from us and either drive them to their forever home or they can be flown in the cabin with their owner, but they NEVER will go via cargo. We will offer Nanny services at an additional fee if necessary (I’d be the one personally flying with the pup), but our preference is that you come pick them up from our home. We also will not sell to families outside of the US for the protection of our bloodlines.

I only breed show quality dogs that have gone through rigorous genetic and health testings. I also study pedigree to make sure the Dam and Sire have compatible bloodlines prior to planning a litter. With that being said, since there are such demands on what constitutes as a “Show Dog”, not every puppy in the litter will qualify.  That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with that puppy, it just might not meet the size requirement, or it might have a longer tail, wider set ears….etc. (all cosmetic things much like beauty pageants). Since puppies develop and change drastically, it is for that reason that Frenchie Show breeders will hold a litter for at least 8-10 weeks or longer prior to making their Show picks.

There is always a chance in any litter that puppies from Show dog parents may be selected for pet homes instead of Show homes, but show breeders just won’t know until they are at least 8-10 weeks old and have been evaluated and judged to the breed standard. My advice is to get on as many reputable breeder waiting lists as possible and then you’ve got a better shot at getting a quality puppy in the time frame you are anticipating. My other advice is do NOT get puppy fever and just buy any dog you see on those online advertisements, newspaper ads, puppy find, pet stores etc. You could end up with a lifetime of problems just because one was immediately available. I waited 3 long years before I got my first Frenchie, but I had to be patient and be willing to say NO to a lot of puppies that I saw.

Our pups come pre-spoiled, extremely well socialized, fully vetted, de-wormed and have had their 1st vaccines and are micro-chipped. They also have their dew-claws removed which is an important step a lot of breeders bypass to save a buck or two or a vet visit (*it is the only AKC allowable alteration in the breed). If any of my pups are selected for pet homes instead of show prospects, they will be placed in their carefully selected pet home with a strict spay/neuter contract and therefore won’t be able to show or be bred. (*Breeding rights are for SHOW HOMES ONLY with a co-own contract, and the Frenchie must at least complete their AKC CHAMPION title and pass all of the recommended Health Testing panel for French Bulldogs prior to breeding)

cropped-image2If you’d like to receive an application please go to the “Contact” tab and fill out your information. As far as our application goes, there really is not a right or wrong answer, just be honest and it will help us place the right puppy with the right home (or in the event we don’t have a puppy to place, it will help us ask about a puppy that will suit you best from our referral sources).

Whether you are looking for a show dog, or a pampered pet, please make sure whomever you pick is a responsible breeder that has done health testing and breeds sound temperaments and correct conformation according to the AKC breed standard. You’ll be happiest in the end if you get a healthy, happy, well adjusted and well tempered dog.

If waiting for one of our puppies seems too daunting or too far off, my next best advice would be to go to some local AKC shows and get breeders’ contact information there. At least you know when you are at the shows that these dogs are bred to standard and if you ask around you will find reputable breeders that do health testing to ensure you are getting a quality puppy.

Now that I have overloaded you with information, if you decide you’d like to wait on one of our puppies, please request our electronic application. As long as your application is approved, you will be placed on our waiting list in the order your application was received. Due to the high demand of our puppies and the fact we don’t produce in mass quantity, our puppies are spoken for long before birth, so if at any time you find a puppy elsewhere, please be so kind as to notify us so that we can move the families behind you up. We don’t take our responsibility as breeders lightly, so we always place our Frenchies in environments where we know they will be loved and spoiled for their lifetime.

Good Luck in your search and we look forward to helping you out in any way that we can.

All the best,

Bell’s Beauties French Bulldogs 

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