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Waiting List Status: FULL  *our average wait time is several years and due to our current number of applicants we are no longer accepting new pet puppy applications at this time.  We update our Instagram account @Frenchie_Bell regularly, so if/when we reopen our applications we will post it there.

It takes time and extreme patience to get a quality bred French Bulldog puppy. For that reason, most reputable breeders have long waiting lists. When filling out our application please keep in mind it is much easier to acquire a puppy in a reasonable amount of time the less specific you are. If you are not age, gender, color and/or time-frame picky you will find it much easier to get a happy, healthy puppy that you are sure to love.

Example: Those that ONLY want a 10 week old, female, cream Frenchie within 3-6 months of contacting us will likely have more luck getting what they want by looking for referrals to larger breeding programs.  Please only look for preservation breeders as described on our home page.  You can find a list of FBDCA breeders by going to FrenchBulldogClub.org and searching their breeder referral page which is listed by state for your convenience.

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