Welcome to Bell’s Beauties French Bulldogs. We are happy you found us and we’d love to inform you who we are and give you some background on us. We are located in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA and have been involved with our local and National clubs, and AKC shows for many years. We are proud members of the FDBCA and we adhere strictly to their guidelines.  We breed AKC show dogs and specialize in health, temperament and beauty. We pride ourselves in the quality of care each dog receives. As evidenced by our photo gallery and their Instagram account @Frenchie_Bell, we have TONS of fun with our Frenchies. We treat every puppy that is born as if they were ours forever. All of our dogs and puppies are raised in a smoke free, loving home environment. We carefully select our breeding parents and extensively research pedigree, health, temperament and conformation prior to mating.  We believe in quality over quantity or mass production. We carefully screen all of our potential future puppy homes and require strict spay/neuter contracts from our buyers for all of our pet homes. We not only breed for the love of the breed, but to continue producing top quality Frenchies that meet or exceed the standard. We breed for health, temperament, and conformation and we always end up with beauty as well. We’ve been blessed to experience the joy and delight it brings to our children to be able to help bring little lives into the world, and to promote a sense of responsibility, all the while developing their character with nurturing, kindness, and gentleness towards animals.

Our puppies come from AKC Champion, Grand Champion, and National Champion show dogs, and our parent dogs are also health tested prior to breeding.  Our dogs also have great dispositions and temperaments and are surejace1 to be your best friend. They are not just our “show dogs”, they are very much a part of our family and our every day life and they are our personal pets, not kennel dogs. Our adult dogs and our puppies are great with children of all ages and are socialized and exposed to babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults, and they absolutely love everyone. This is the type of temperament we love to encourage and develop in our dogs. In addition to their pleasing personalities, and top notch bloodlines, they also have beautiful conformation. All of our puppies are raised in a home environment, not in an outdoor kennel or on a slab of concrete or worse (which is typical of large kennels or back yard breeders). We rotate our dogs between our house and my parent’s house so that there are no more than 3-4 dogs per household which ensures they all get the individual love and attention they require and deserve. We get them all together for play dates as well so that they stay well socialized with each other.

We welcome visitors to come and see us in person (after first vaccinations of course) as we are very proud to show off our dogs, and you will be impressed with the cleanliness of their space. We do not tolerate filth or an atmosphere that can breed germs.  Our dogs and puppies are members of our family and kept clean and healthy at all times. Please be cautious of breeders that will not let you see their home or kennels, or breeders that will only ship puppies to you without a face to face encounter. There is most likely a good reason that they would not welcome you for a visit, so please do your research carefully and cautiously.

ava-softYou will not be disappointed in your experience with Bell’s Beauties. If we do not have what you are looking for, we are pleased to give referrals to some reputable larger breeders that may have more availability then we are able to offer with a selective, limited breeding program. If you are set on getting a puppy from us, we have had people wait on our lists for well over a year, just so they can get one of our dogs. We truly appreciate everyone whom we have selected for forever homes and we encourage them to stay in touch, send photos and updates, as well as asking any questions they should have along the way. We are here to help in any way that we can. If you are interested in being considered for one of our Frenchies, please proceed to the “Contact” tab to request our electronic application.  

All the best,

Bell’s Beauties French Bulldogs 
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